Dynamic Approach to Cyber Security

Advanced Platform Solutions (APS) provides a simple, yet innovative, solution for protecting credit/debit card and insurance carrier transactions – stopping fraud from occurring in real time. APS PrivacyOne protects in-person, phone-based and online transactions with the use of a unique patented method of secondary validation.

Authentication Solutions

Point of Sales and Online

When a card is presented for payment, APS PrivacyOne authenticates the transaction as requiring a second ID. The validation form is only known to the consumer, thus fraudulent transactions will not be approved.

Medical Insurance

When an insurance card is presented for service, APS security requires a secondary validation. This process not only validates the card, but also prevents medical fraud.


Biometric and secondary validation are cornerstones of the APS patented technology and include secondary authentication

Identification Cards

Credit/debit cards

Government issued ID

Student ID


Birth certificate

Airline tickets

Driver license

Magnetic stripe

Chip/Smart cards





Iris/retinal scans

Facial characteristic

Voice print

Hand geometry

Hand writing sample

DNA sequence characteristics

Post Transaction Confirmation

Mobile phone

Voice mail

Interactive Voice mail

Text/SMS format


Multi-factor combinations

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