A Dynamic Approach to Fraud Management
Stopping Fraud BEFORE It Happens

Advanced Platform Solutions provides a simple yet innovative solution for the protection of credit-debit card and insurance carrier transactions, thus preventing fraud from ever occurring.

In preventing unauthorized card fraud APS uses a system which is :

APS protects in person, telephone based and internet based credit card transactions with the use of a unique patented method of secondary validation.


Be assured that the person making the transaction - is the right person who is authorized to complete it.


APS utilizes secondary verification of magnetic stripes, chip based - smart cards, bar code, RFID, and biometrics. This approach is non-complex to consumer merchants and financial institutions and increases consumer peace of mind, confidence, comfort, and loyalty. APS makes compromised card data useless to be used in a fraudulent transaction as the secondary layers of security will be unknown to or unattainable by a potential thief.


Simple – Secure - Personal
Consumer and retailers concerns about fraud and financial loss are protected against by APS offering post-transaction-confirmation which adds an additional security layer controlled by the consumer for authentication.

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